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12-14 12.2017
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The Year of Ecology in Russia has given a new impetus to the work the state, society and business are doing to reduce negative environmental impact, eliminate consequences of human economic activity and restore unique sites and ecosystems.

The national economy’s systematic transition to the best available technologies is our top priority. We are talking about introducing innovative components into production processes, we are talking about large-scale re-equipment of enterprises in order to increase significantly their profitability and drastically reduce human impact on the environment.
The International Exhibition and Forum ECOTECH offers its participants an opportunity to demonstrate their promising pilot projects in the area, to discuss creative ideas, and to network.

Специальный представитель Президента РФ по вопросам природоохранной деятельности, экологии и транспорта
Иванов Сергей Борисович

Around the world, environmentally friendly technologies are becoming economic growth points. Today, Russia is on the threshold of the “green” economy; all economic sectors require upgrading. Big enterprises are actively adopting progressive practices from abroad and carrying out technological re-equipment. In that respect, ECOTECH is a useful international venue for presenting projects and innovations. The Year of Ecology in Russia is drawing to a close but environmental protection measures will continue. It is important for us to ensure that these not be abstract projects that exist on paper only, but real programmes that, once implemented, will significantly reduce human impact on nature and improve quality of life in Russia.

Deputy Prime Minister
Alexander Khloponin

ECOTECH is the first and the only space of ecological innovative solutions in Russia for all branches of economy and fields of activity. It will be a vector of introduction of legislative principles of ecologically effective economy.

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment
of the Russian Federation,
Sergey Donskoy

ECOTECH is a unique opportunity for Russian and international experts to present their vision of further sustainable developement of various economy sectors and relevant technological solutions, including cutting-edge nature-like technologies

Director of the UNIDO Centre for International Industrial Cooperation
in the Russian Federation,
Sergey Korotkov

United Nations Environment Programme will take an active part in the International exhibition and forum ECOTECH-2017, which is the key event for all of us, working for planet's sustainable development. This year is the Year of Ecology and ECOTECH is a great possibility to summarize accomplished work, exchange experiences and define further ecological priorities not only for Russia, but the whole world

Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme,
Deputy General Secretary of the UN
Erik Solheim



Новогодняя медиаелка, посвященная завершению Года экологии, зажгла огни в Москве

Интерактивная онлайн-елка зажглась в Москве на Красной Пресне. Необычная 18-метровая медиаель из 55 тысяч светодиодов позволяет любому желающему принять участие в оформлении ее дизайна.


Число животных и растений, находящихся под угрозой исчезновения в России, не увеличилось

Несмотря на мировую тенденцию увеличения числа видов, которые находятся под угрозой исчезновения, в России сохраняется биоразнообразие.


Объем подвергшихся переработке отходов в РФ за 10 лет вырос 2 раза

Количество использованных и обезвреженных отходов производства и потребления выросло в 2 раза с 2006 по 2015 годы, говорится в Государственном докладе об охране окружающей среды.

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